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How We Do Things Around Here
Run Your Business YOUR WAY
All real estate agents are small business owners and we let you run it that way. We encourage outside
the box thinking, innovation, and growing business on your own terms. As long as everything is
compliant and morally sound, the sky is the limit.

An Experienced Coach On Your Side
Whether you need help with accountability or a fresh perspective — we will help you level up. You could
be a new agent that needs help with basic business building, or a seasoned agent who hit a plateau.
Either way, we are a hands-on Ieader who knows how to impact lives with regular accountability
conversations. We can’t chase your goals for you. We can’t want it more than you do. But, we promise
we’ll push for your success as much as you do.

More Money In Your Pocket
We don’t spend big bucks on unused office spaces or unnecessary technology, and we don’t do
commission splits. We simply charge a flat desk fee for the stuff you actually need. Why? Because we
believe in entrepreneurs having freedom and we love coaching people towards success! We keep our
overhead low, so you’re free to run your business on your own terms and take more of your hard-earned
money home.

Our Vision

Any goal is achievable and
the life YOU want is possible.

Our Mission

Help People Reach Their
Unique Goals
We’re on a mission to empower people, listen to them, and help them with accountablity.
We take great pleasure in coaching and mentoring people towards their personal &
professional success.

Our Values

These values are things we UNAPOLOGETICALLY stand for in the world. They are our highest priorities and core, fundamental driving forces.

Act with Integrity

Do the right thing, even if it hurts your pocket. If you find yourself asking the question “is this the right thing?” then it is probably not. Show up authentically — because fake people can’t have a positive impact on somebody else.

Be Committed to Service

Everyone here has a core desire to help others. We serve our clients, each other, and our community.
Real success is found through collaboration and supporting each other generously without expecting
anything in return.

Grow through Learning

We’re a team of proactive, curious learners. We believe in growing as professionals and individuals.
We’re knowledgeable in our craft and we’re continually self-improving.

Have Determination

We stay in hot pursuit of the goals we commit to, even when the going gets tough. The reality is that
people will either find a way or find an excuse, and we applaud perseverance.

Focus Your Energy

Achieving extraordinary results means one thing: FOCUS. Be present in whatever you’re doing - focusing
your energy on it - whether it’s home life, work, or play.